Thursday, 9 February 2012

What am I up to...?

I havent updated in a little while as I have been very busy freelancing and working on my new flash animated website, hooray!
For now I am trying to get my head around the mind boggling task of coding all the lovely animation I have made so it makes some sort of sense in cyberspace, whilst also working on a few small projects on the side. I also will be starting to post updates on a short Flash film I am starting to develop in my spare time.
As well as this I also hope to be posting a link to the Marine Conservation Society's 'Cool Seas Classroom' very soon! This is an interactive website I have been working on whilst freelancing at JuniperBlue for the last half a year. On this project I had the great fun of animating a series of interactive characters and backgrounds to provide a teaching tool for the charity that will be used in schools across the UK!
Until then, here is a little drawing I did in Flash for some cards .

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