Saturday, 15 January 2011

Concept Art and Designs for New Project

Sam and I are currently in production for our graduate film: 'How To Make A Friend'.

This macabre film tells the tale of two adventurous but lonely children who kindle a friendship after meeting at a desolate English beach.
Though Tom is a human and Fishboy, a mutant mer-child from the depths of the ocean, they are soon the best of friends and with the help of an air-filled balloon, they embark on an underwater journey in search of fun and mischief! Be prepared for dark comedy 100 metres below the sea line and dont forget to hold your breath!

We are both acting as producer and director for the film as we find we make the best decisions together! I also have a role as the character and background designer.
Below are some of the final designs I have created for the film:

Here is the onesheet/ poster:

An action shot I drew of 'Tom the Human', I will be animating this character in the film.

A background I created in Photoshop

My turnarounds of both characters

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